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Your Excellency and Plenipotentiary the Secretary General,

Your Excellency and Plenipotentiary the Secretary General,
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First let us take chance to convey our heartfelt greetings for your glorified presence in Bangladesh. Welcome to the Global Ground Zero of Climate Change, where climate refugees are already an example for the global adaptation struggle. Recognition of that struggle by the United Nations could solve this the most pressing crises of that world that even does the potentiality to ruin down all the success of the world if it remains unsolved.

Before your coming to Dhaka the climate refugees of Cox’s Bazaar Nazirartek area started crying on their mental agony out of being evicted after being evicted by the venomous bite of the climate change already. During their struggle over the last 20 years they innovated and consolidated their settlement on an unsecured bare sand beach with a potential dry-fish industry flourished alongside.

Little in the name of cooperation they received from the government due to the comprehensive resource constraint. Carbon vapor allover the globe created this situation and now its the time for the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) to help them adapt to the changing climate properly than now. Creating climate resilience to the place is now an urgent need that was not needed yesterday. Climate Change forced the situation to demand more adaptive measure. They got too little to act on mitigation, rather mitigation negotiators should understand that they are losing valuable time to adapt to the rapidly changing situation. Therefore, their demand is that delayed negotiation on mitigation should not delay their adaptation as a human right. By this time became an international human right agenda with political consequences.

The melting ice-cap, retreat of glacier of the enormous Himalayas is culminating the danger rapidly through continuous changes in the morphological character of this said landscape. Critical retreat could be catastrophic! Earth needs a comprehensive measure! Soon-to-be 30 millions of ecologically distressed people in Bangladesh are miserably waiting to assume the status of climate refugees. Climatically devastated coastal zone is a death-belt for Bangladesh where since last 100 years millions of people were killed. UN says “Climate change is one of the most fundamental challenges ever to confront humanity.

Its impacts are already showing and will intensify over time if left unchecked…Science indicates that inaction will be more costly than acting now.”The 10 warmest years on records of last 150 years
happened in just last 15 years. Every year depleted forests are emitting 4 billions of 25kg weight sacs of carbon in the atmosphere.

Therefore, your presence with the local people here could even help restoring the ecologically nearly dead zones created due to the pollution from the heavy industries like ship-breaking etc.

The Million Children Forest Campaign (M-CFC), an environmental education crusade” to support Bangladesh/countries for intensification of children’s knowledge, skills, attitudes and ability to adapt to a changing physical environment through folk-wisdom based environmental solutions. This campaign to plant trees with the children is a pragmatic beginning of combating climate change. Everyday Bangladesh, the Global Ground Zero of Climate Change, is loosing a forest area equal to a soccer field. Through this campaign children would sequester 600,000 tons atmospheric carbon that would propel their enthusiasm. M-CFC started its journey from Chittagong by the children through planting registering protest in conserving the Halda-Karnaphuli watershed. Soon after in 2006 it joined in the UNEP’s

Billion Tree Campaign and assumed a title “the Million Children Forest Campaign (M-CFC)”. In 2007 the United Nations let Green Bangla Coalition (GBC) an opportunity to share this innovative idea to the world in a conference held in 2007 to officially declare the year 2011 as the International Year of Forests (IYF). Thus proactive adaptation’skills and knowledge to address the challenges faced by their local community is being enhanced by this campaign. This people oriented interactive campaign by the children is pivotal in demonstrating examples to the local communities implement similar programs which improve local environments and offer an unparalleled opportunity for children to engage in action and skills-based learning, thereby acknowledging their rights, needs and capacities.

Therefore, your contribution for 1 child can help us accomplish planting 1 million trees by 1 million children for gaining global climate negotiator’s attention. Collaborative efforts together with the government, youth organizations and other partners can make this campaign successfully influential to create their own necessitated resilience creation to climate change. Your presence with the children of the refugees can give it a comprehensive sense and exemplary spirit. They are waiting for you on the most beautiful and longest sand-beach of the world with a helipad made on the sand by their tender and visionary hands. Your being with them for few moments could even make this spirit global.

People here demand the adaptation fund and they deserve it being the most pioneer climate refugees in the world. These insecurely adapted people needs 10 mega-cyclone-shelter as climate resilient, where they can secure their products during disasters. Your presence here could even make it a success; the climate refugees here believe it strongly.

Excellency we do love to say that we want to love your presence with us!

Every passing day is better than tomorrow and worse than yesterday, because the cumulative impact of climate change. And each of us can play a role in protecting forests; environment and climate, the vital life support system. Just think out of 10,000 coastal vulnerable people 500 people enjoys the facilities of cyclone shelters. In next 10 years the coastal death-belt needs 25-60,000 cyclone shelters to save all forms of lives. This huge task is to be succeeded for Bangladesh by the global communities as soon as possible. In pursuit of developing climate/environmental leadership and, since 2007 Green Bangla Coalition planted 50,000 trees by 50,000 children across the country and reached to 200,000 children.

Accomplishment of this campaign with 1 million children along with their voices would inspire
all stakeholders on this planet to ease the climate negotiation for Bangladesh globally.

Please do not miss to spend few hours with these ecologically displaced people. Looking forward to see you are landing on our heartily constructed sand-made helipad. People here believe that your visit would pave the way for real peace avoiding the conflicts that is assumed to be broken out due to the climate refugee crises throughout the worlds.

Most truly yours.
On behalf of the Nazirartek Climate Refugees
Shamsul Momen Palash
Team Leader, The Million Children Forest Campaign (M-CFC)
Camp in Charge, Mobile Climate Refugees Camp
President, Green Bangla Coalition (GBC)
Contact: +880-1711448113, 01552-442808 & 01715-933320

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